About Pendel Haight

It drives me crazy that my dumbass parents named me Pendel. What a turd name.

I am just so angry all the time and all the gutless “counselors” that dear old dad has sent me to suck dicks, so I thought I would make a journal thing that EVERYBODY could see–that maybe someone out there would get an idea about how much I think the world SUCKS and how stupid sick I am of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around me. Maybe that will help me feel better.

I am going to curl up in a ball for an hour or two now. If you are reading this you probably suck, so fuck you.

Stupid Pendel Haight

12 comments on “About Pendel Haight
  1. ex-jaded teenager. says:

    you kind of sound like a sociopath. you’ll get over it.
    premature ejaculation is always funny, by the way. you probably couldn’t find the hole because god was pissed that you referred to your young lady as “fat” in an earlier posting.

  2. msfriendly says:

    Hey kid…you’re a good writer…kinda on the strange side (but aren’t we all)! Ever read Chris Crutcher? BTW…is this a “REAL” journal thingy or are you a writer posing as the alleged Pendel?…Inquiring minds want to know!!!!! (If this were a book…I’d read it) – Ms. Friendly

  3. krissy leigh says:

    hey! do i know you, pendel?

  4. If I remember your blog right, I doubt you would want to.

  5. krissy leigh says:

    well i always like meeting new people, so i think you may have missed the blog i wrote about that! haha have a wonderful day!

  6. Nice. Just, nice.
    Sounds so exciting actually…the exact sort of thing I like to read about. And write about.
    And nothing about being angry…It can be quite productive.
    Catcha laidher dude. =P

  7. Actually, I was thinking of this *after* I commented, but I still have to say it….You’re avatar reminds me of both Pink Floyd and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell…..
    Just thought I’d mention it. =P

  8. ray0408 says:

    You made a post on my blog about church being a napping station and you are right many are sleep walking without a clue; they are wandering in the dark far from truth and life. They are miserable trying to convince themselves otherwise. On the other hand, angry people, like yourself and how I use to be, know something is off; they don’t cover up – they just put it all out there.

    Anger acts like a friend because it feels good, it feels honest, and it feels like we are getting back at life and others for all the crap they have dished out to us. But what finally brought me out of years of anger was realizing I have one life and this is my life and do I really want others to control me. I thought I was getting back at others while it was me I was torturing the most. I hated my parents, I hated life, and I didn’t really care if I lived but being angry hurt me more than all of them, so they were winning. By the grace of God because I didn’t care too much at the time, I made a choice not to travel that road and though the journey wasn’t easy or always smooth – my life is now incredible. This life sucks that is why God gave us an option for a new one. It is just that most don’t get it including most of the churches.

  9. moose (who forgot to login) says:

    roy0408 you’re cool 🙂

  10. Yes, she’s something.

  11. Saint Garth says:

    Your [negative] energy could run the entire continent for a century. While I am not into whips, chains, and the like, I love the unrestricted humor in your prose.

  12. Well, she was something, but until she gets her 5,000 dollars back, she’s your goddamn partner!

    Or something like that.

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